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From Northern MN, where the winters are long and the summers are the most wonderful time of the year, Figuring It Out is an acoustic band that does exactly what their name entails: figuring out the styles of music they love best! This includes swing, bluegrass, traditional folk, Celtic, contemporary, and other styles they are still figuring out!
Officially established in 2016, the Band has made 4 different CDs, including "Figuring It Out" (2018), "Just A Jaunt" (2020), "Fremont Canyon" (2022) and their newest album "Smile! You're Alive" which will be available for purchase starting in January 2023. For more information, visit their website at:
The Band includes Louisa on Guitar; Olivia on Upright Bass; Elijah on the 5-string Fiddle; Adelynn on Mandolin; Abram on Banjo; Greta on ukulele; Georgiana on Fiddle; Hazel on Guitar; and Andy on Fiddle.
Figuring It Out loves to perform at a variety of different venues, taking each performance as a new adventure!